Monday, 26 January 2009

Good Vibrations

The past few days have been packed full of new experiences.

Last week I did photos for a trained masseur, Jong. He wanted photos to use to advertise his service. Masseurs, (Masahistas as they are known here.) while in great demand, are typically not looked upon highly in society. Kind of like people who work in food service, retail, or in janitorial services; they all play vital roles in society, but are universally undervalued and looked down upon if they are looked upon at all. Jong is polite, friendly, and his demeanor as relaxing as his well-trained hands.

I've had many massages; ranging from those from a friend studying chiropractic massage in Japan to high-priced professionals in New York City to spas here in the Philippines. Jong's ninety minute massage beat them all, leaving me feeling it's effects for hours afterwards. After that, it is hard not to want to text message everyone I know recommending him, so I messaged a few. Within a few days he reported he was receiving requests for appointments from those I'd contacted, and they were messaging me about how much they loved his service. I hope the photos are helping him out as much!

Friday I met one of our neighbors, Nick, who hails from Australia. He was rather upset about a string of events brought about by some rather over-dramatic, vicious, backstabbing Filipinos. As we were speaking, a friend of mine was texting me asking "what's up?". I texted I was chatting with a neighbor I'd just met and asked if he'd like to meet him as well. The next thing we knew, they had a date for that night.

Today is Monday, and Nick and my friend Erwyn have now seen each other three times; apparently very happy with each other's company.

After a particularly stressful day today, Nick is enjoying a relaxing massage from Jong, who had a second appointment this morning from one of my friends whom I referred last week.

Aren't I the bearer of good karma?

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Indeed you are my friend Jay, indeed you are. Nice things happen because someone nice initiated it.

I wish, one day, you'd sprinkle me with your fairy dust and help me find the RIGHT one. Like whatyou did with your neighbor! Hah!

Anyways, how are you and Edson?
Missing Manila. Missing having someone. Life is tough. But I know I am tougher.