Monday, 17 December 2007

CIBA '07

Join Edson and I as we are taken back in time by Sherman and Mr. Peabody in the WABAC machine...

We're going way back (WABAC) to December 8th. Okay, being only a week or so off, that's not so far back; but read this months or years from now! Then we're talkin'!

That was the night of the Cadiz International Baso Awards. Cadiz is the company where Edson is working a part-time job. Baso is tagalog for a drinking glass. The awards night is a year-end office party. The awards part of it is rather reminiscent of the MTV Movie Awards. Each has unique awards, to say the least. At MTV you have the award for Best Kiss.

The CIBA has Best Grind.

No, grind or grinding doesn't have anything to do with the practice of architecture, although if the building you are in now can't tolerate people grinding in it, you probably ought to leave. The Cadiz offices seem to be quite grind-worthy from the video footage shown of their staff members grinding over and over again, either by themselves or with others. Maybe I ought to pause here for a moment to note that of the many meanings of the word grind, I'm referring to its dance-related least that's what the videos conveyed. I only assume those shown grinding returned to their cubicle to do actual work once the video ended and that other variations of grind and grinding were not involved.

Edson was part of a team up for that award. If you know him, that comes as no surprise. But he/they didn't win it.

He did win an award, however.

Best Newcomer, or, as the frosting on the awarded drinking glass is etched, Best New Comer.

Like so many other office parties at the end of the year, a band was hired for entertainment. This had to have been one of the easiest gigs this band has had. Not only were there the interruptions in their sets for the host and hostess to greet everyone, introduce the awards, and hand out awards. Some of the office members themselves are musicians and did their own sets. So, the hired band had over an hour-long break between sets sometimes. I'm no musician, but I'll bet the idea of being able to go out and catch a movie in between sets sounds pretty good to a lot of people who are!

Here's our band (the hired one) "hard" at work.

One of the Cadiz Band singers caught in a very Joey Ramone-esque way.

No, these aren't the real Pussycat Dolls. What? You didn't think they were? Oh....

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